2015-16 Winter - Guest Services Representative

This highly decorated hotel in Japan requires warm and professional characters to help with everything from front dest duties, liaising with guests, to lighting up fireplaces. This role is as diverse as it is enjoyable.

What we need:

Upbeat and willing staff members to see to the every need of our guests. We encourage our staff members to gain an understanding of the local area and to be of any assistance should our guests require it. 

Versatility is key for this role, and any applicant should expect to able to jump into filling an unlimited array of roles at a moments notice. This employee will probably find themselves the most well rounded and diverse that the hotel produces.

The ability to drive internationally is a must. Help will be provided in acquiring a working Visa.

What you get:

  • Discounted meals
  • Access to shared lifts passes (conditions apply)
  • Subsidised car rental
  • Subsidised accommodation within a 10 minute walk to work
  • Competitive salary

Employment Period: Early November, 2015 to late March, 2016

Season to Season Employment Ltd is managing applications from UK staff and will be accepting CVs at jobs@seasontoseasonemployment.com

For further information, visit http://www.seasontoseasonemployment.com